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Thousands of students with disabilities in California don't have access to funding  communication devices.


We offer resources to families, parents, students and school districts to empower people with disabilities to procure a communication device through insurance, grants, scholarships and loans when they leave a school district so they can continue to communicate fully.


billion people with disabilities worldwide

Source - WHO


million Americans experience speech disabilities

Source - AAC Institute


thousand students in California have a speech impairment

Source - LAO


percent of students with a language disorder do not receive intervention

Source - CDC

What is the Cost of not having a voice?

In many school districts, communication devices are loaned to students with disabilities to support their communication needs. It gives them a voice and a way to express and communicate. As soon as they graduate high school, their device is taken, and they have no means of communicating. Furthermore, they have lost an opportunity for communicating independently. According to asha.org, in the United States there are well over 2 million people with significant expressive language impairments who use some form of an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device. AAC devices help achieve the most effective communication possible for an individual. In just California alone, there are over 164,000 students with speech and language impairments as their primary disability.